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The Rite European Premiere Competition, review by winner Rebecca McDonagh.

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'The Rite'™ European Premiere review by competition winner Rebecca McDonagh

The Rite Night!

Competition winner Rebecca McDonagh and Colin, at the after party for the European Premiere of 'The Rite'™ in Dublin
Finding out I was the winner of the competition to win tickets to the European Premiere was pretty big in my books. I’ve been anticipating going to see The Rite for months now and on Monday morning when I got a phone call from Allen to say I won tickets I was pretty excited (so excited that after we hung up I did a little happy dance around my bedroom!).

Arriving at The Savoy on Sunday was cool, I brought my sister with me and the two of us got dolled up. Red carpet’s and paparazzi are not a normal occurrence in Drogheda, so as my usual self I got a little giddy. We took our seats and waited until the words “Welcome to The Savoy, Drogheda” made us laugh out loud. I got star struck seeing Colin and Ciaran Hinds announcing the film. Like come on Ciaran Hinds!!!! John Traynor from Veronica Guerin!

As a huge movie buff I’ve seen my fair share of horror films and exorcist type films but in all honesty ‘The Rite’ had all the (excuse the pun) right ingredients: a character driven story that didn’t rely on big expensive special effects and amazing actors to become those characters. I’m not a person who jumps a lot during scary films but ‘The Rite’ made me jump on more than one occasion. Colin’s role as a skeptical priest is beyond believable and in years to come we will definitely hear Oscar buzz around his name. For me it’s a definite must see for all movie lovers, and Colin lovers (he is in every scene but one!)

As the film ended I had an odd feeling in my stomach, well 2 feelings: the film stayed with me, making me think (which for me is always the big bright sign to say I enjoyed a film) and I was also getting excited for the after party. Being from Drogheda you know that the band who you always go to McPhail’s to see is The Enemies, and with The Enemies playing everyone was in for a good night. Walking into Whelan’s for the after party, I looked around and knew it was the perfect place for the after party. Coasters and candles on tables baring the films title made it pretty awesome… (I admit I snuck a coaster home in my bag!)

I’ve only meet one famous person in my life and he wasn’t/isn’t exactly FAMOUS and my cap locks I mean worldwide famous (*cough* Ronan Keating- I was 9!). Walking up to Colin you can see he resembles an old Hollywood film star. But he does in no way act like a cocky spoilt actor. A complete gentleman. He even mentioned during our conversation that he needed to go talk to his Nana! However when it came to trying to talk to Ciaran Hinds I froze! My sister said to me “He’s just a normal person”, my reaction “No he’s not, he’s worked with Jerry Bruckheimer and Steven Spielberg!” so I cowered away and sipped on my Captain Morgan’s. That was until I hear a guitar strum and a drum beat. The Enemies were on. I danced and I sang until the last word was sung. It became a reunion night for the band with Colin joining them on stage. They were awesome! I have video’s to prove it!

All in all an amazing night not only for me and my sister but for all the O’Donoghue clan. Colin deserves all his success and I just really want to thank him, Allen and everyone for an amazing night!

-Rebecca McDonagh